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Business systems

Accounting systems, inventory systems, personnel management and database.

Development modules

Development modules in Java, Python, C++, C#, Typescript.


We attend to any type of development requirement, our support is 24/7.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile management applications, customer service, order system and so on.

About Us

Our software studio has advanced and robust technology to guarantee optimal software development for all our customers, our work methodology starts from Scrum models, cascade and more models that guarantee total innovation in the development of projects for our clients.

Team of top professionals

Our development team is PHTR 043 certified, they study new agile development methods every day.

8+ Years in business

We have been providing software solutions to all our customers, in different countries in America, for more than 8 years.

30+ Successful projects

More than 30 projects completed with 5 stars in service and warranty rating, our customers are our portfolio.

3 Development awards

We received 03 awards in Latin America for agile methods of software development applied in mass consumption companies.

Featured Projects

Among our outstanding projects is the total design of an inventory system, ordering system, financial system of a processing food distribution company “Yellow Thinks CO” in Miami, Florida. His project had a 7 months development to automate all the processes of his company.

Our Services

Our software studio offers you the most complete and FullStack services on the market, the whole solution in one services.

Development of modules

If you already have software and want to implement new creative models, or attached Plugins.
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Software architecture

If you need a complete software architecture for your company, from ordering system, financial systems, applications based on WEB servers and more!
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Mobile Applications

If you need a control and management web application, or shopping cart, or you also need after-sales services for your company.
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